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Remove Algae, Grime and Black Fungus

Using our high powered jet wash machine and our industrial rotary surface cleaner, depending on the job required, we can clean almost any outdoor hard surface including but not limited to: block paving | tarmac & concrete driveways | brickwork | pathways | patios | stone | garden furniture | decking.

Our system provides a deep clean that is not obtainable with a domestic pressure washer. With our professional equipment, we can expertly remove surface grime, weeds, black fungus, moss and algae to leave the surface looking like new.

In addition, we can treat the surface with a sealer or algaecide/fungicide to help deter the return of algae and lichen, keeping the surface clean for longer periods.

Our treatments are carried out by trained and experienced operatives so you can rest assured your property will be in safe hands.


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