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Residential or Commercial

Window Cleaning


We offer our customers a ladderless and eco-friendly window clean experience. No more ladder damage or soap in your flower beds or lawn, we operate an environmentally friendly service. Our window cleaning service is available for any buildings of any size up to 60 feet high for internal and external windows.


We are members of the British Window Cleaning Academy and are trained to tackle all types of property, using the latest water-fed pole technology. All window cleaning quotes include the cleaning of window frames and external doors and we ensure we reach any difficult windows and skylights.

We offer a flexible service to suit your needs seven days a week. Whether our services are required weekly,  monthly or as a one-off, we can assure you of our total commitment and best service every time.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatories and in particular their roofs can quickly collect dirt such as leaves and moss and a build-up of grime. This can be very difficult to clean, but with our ladderless purified water system, we can remove any dirt easily and leave your conservatory and its roof looking as good as new.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are one of the most difficult products to access for cleaning. Over time solar panels will develop a build-up of dirt and pollution from the atmosphere. This will reduce their sunlight capture which will lower their efficiency. To prevent this we strongly recommend that Solar Panels are cleaned annually to maintain their maximum performance.

We can clean your solar panels with a soft brush head using our purified water system.

Our system also allows us to reach a height of 60 ft. from the ground. This eliminates the need for expensive scaffolding and walking on your roof which can cause tile damage.

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